The EvoMobH project stems from Davide and Alberto’s sensibility towards people with disabilities. Davide, bus renter and driver with more than 30 years of experience, sees in the disabled people transport several issues. They provide the sense of inadequacy to the traveler and long and difficult operations to the driver. Together with his friend Alberto, professional technician specialized in hoists, shares the idea to create a simple but efficient tool that would make travel for people with disabilities easier. Together they develop EvoMobH, an ambitious project that sees beyond a simple hoist, that concentrates on person with disabilities, her difficulties and states of mind when travelling. The travel becomes a new experience, a new way to “see” the means of transport, a new comfort and an opportunity to communicate. The wheelchair is replaced with a seat that it is the same as all others, that provides more comfort and possibilities to socialize to traveler and once arrived to destination it may become a wheelchair too. Gad Lift with EvoMobH project designed not only a lift solution but an evoluted movement system that provides the same comfort level to all travelers.


2006 - 42 - CE 

UNI EN 1756 - 2: 2005